• 70 brands. 500+ products

    70 brands. 500+ products

    We import the widest range of grocery, home & personal care brands from the Philippines

  • Restaurant Meal

    Restaurant Meal

    Single & family meal packs prepared by our Filipino & Indian Chefs. Great Singapore quality!

  • 2 hrs Delivery

    2 hrs Delivery

    We provide 2hrs speed delivery at $20, scheduled delivery at $8 & free delivery above $70

  • Refund in 2 days

    Refund in 2 days

    100% Guaranteed. We directly import & distribute export quality brands for over 15 years

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    Green Cross
    Frozen Desserts

    Frozen Desserts

  • Flexitarian
    Alternative Meat

    Alternative Meat

  • Frozen Bangus

    Frozen Bangus

  • Skin, Body & Haircare

    Skin, Body & Haircare

  • [[Life Hacks]] Cleaning with vinegar

    [[Life Hacks]] Cleaning with vinegar

      Make an inexpensive all-purpose homemade cleaning solution using vinegar! Just mix one part white vinegar, two parts water and a squeeze of lemon juice. This cleaning solution works wonders...

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  • [[Recipe]] Creamy Egg Casserole

    [[Recipe]] Creamy Egg Casserole

    An easy recipe idea you can use with our Alaska Crema All-purpose Cream!

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  • Nathaniel's Buko Pandan, available in Singapore!

    Nathaniel's Buko Pandan, available in Singapore!

      Yes, You Can Have Nathaniel’s Buko Pandan Salad Delivered Straight to Your Home in Singapore Now! As they say, there’s always a room for dessert – much more if...

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